At We Finance Auto Sales, our #1 priority is getting our customers behind the wheel of a new car – no matter their credit history. We created our company as a response to the credit crunch and economic recession, both of which have made it increasingly difficult to secure traditional auto loans from banks and credit unions. Many dealers, as well as customers, have turned to in-house financing as an alternative. Whenever a dealership states “We Finance,” they mean just that: they provide the funds necessary for financing a new or used vehicle, right on site. We have partnered with an extensive, ever-growing network of dealerships who offer “We Finance Auto Sales” to help our customers secure the financing they need. Today, we are the premier resource for anyone seeking to finance a car without a bank loan.


We are a US owned and operated company with offices in Western North Carolina.

Contact Information

The best way to contact us is via email: [contact AT wefinance DOT org]